Safety Tips


As more people use the internet to find the best deals to buy merchandise, they have also unfortunately fallen prey to internet predators. These predators use classified ad websites to lure potential buyers/sellers to locations. Once they arrive, victims are robbed of their money or merchandise. These predators also use other internet scams to take your money or identity.

While the team are trying their best to find dodgy and scam Ads, they can still sneak through. The nature of community classifieds, online or not, means that your safety can’t be fully guaranteed, but there are many precautions that you can take to help protect yourself and others from scams, pranks, and fraud.

Here are safety tips to prevent you from falling victim to these internet predators:

Trust Your Instincts

First and foremost, the age-old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” holds strong. Your instincts are often the best indicator if something is amiss. Use common sense.

Report Abuse

Don’t be afraid to make use of the “Report Advert” link if you feel that an advert on is somehow fishy. As a community-based site, we rely on you to alert us when scammers are lurking.

Never Give Out Personal Information

Beyond your phone number or e-mail (so that you can contact sellers and vice versa), never give out any personal information such as your Account information, credit card information, your ID number and any other personal Identifiable Information. If you have to give out your address, only do so if you think the person is legit, if you are still uneasy, agree to meet in a public place with heavy pedestrian traffic flow.

Talk on the Phone:

While e-mail may be the most convenient, especially for initiating transactions, when possible try to speak over the phone before agreeing to meet. If they refuse, excuses are often very revealing. Trust your gut.

Deal Only in Cash

Never wire money, send advance payments or use your credit card. This also helps you to avoid any deals done through a notorious method for running scams.

Keep it Local

Reduce your risk by keeping all transactions local. This also eliminates the need to use anything other than cash when buying or selling.

Inspect Before You Buy

Never buy something that you can’t check out in-person first – not only can you assess it’s quality (and thus, pricing) for yourself, but you can meet the seller in-person.

Meet in Public

When possible, always meet to exchange in a public place. Not only does this protect you by not revealing your address, but also makes it less likely that someone will steal from you. Better yet, have a friend accompany you.

Don’t Go To The Car

Do not accompany the person to their car for any reason, and, of course, do not let them go to the car with items in hand if they haven’t paid for them yet!

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Ask sellers why they are selling their item and about it’s condition. And sellers – don’t be afraid to ask buyers what their intentions are. If something sounds shady, remember you don’t owe anyone anything and you can always back out of a transaction before any money is exchanged.

Research The Item

Where appropriate, research the item you are planning on buying beforehand so that you know what you are buying, how much it should cost, and what shape it should be in. If you are selling something, you can protect yourself by always providing correct and as detailed information as possible.

Keep Records

Especially if you buy and sell often – keep some sort of record of what you have bought and/or sold, where you met, and who you bought from or sold to.

We hope that you find these tips useful. If you have a tip that you can add to this list, please don’t hesitate to use the contacts us page for suggestion or use the live chat.

Thank you, stay safe while using the most secured and trusted classified platform in Nigeria. The Indegenous Online Marketplace In Nigeria.